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Cooperation with the University of Maribor


The University of Maribor participated in ECoC 2012 with over thirty projects, designed and carried out by individual faculties or the University’s associates. All projects were part of the RAZ:UM (Research and Art Zone University of Maribor) project, which provided support to the development of research and art under the auspices of the University of Maribor. RAZ:UM ECoC 2012 was an interdisciplinary project by which the University actively complemented the ECoC 2012 project and connected numerous specialised, mostly interdisciplinary projects from the fields of science and art.


The RAZ:UM ECoC 2012 programme cores was comprised of five projects:

The House of Science designed as an ongoing project, presented recent scientific achievements to the general, even the youngest, public.

Ideas Outside the Box – public lectures on current achievements in science and art, held throughout the year.

Art Now presented the focus of contemporary art in the Štajerska region and supported the foundation of the Academy of Art.

The House of Architecture presented modern achievements in architecture, spatial planning, and design; it generated numerous projects aimed at redesigning urban space and interiors, and provided support for the opening of new facilities for architecture courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Intergeneration co-operation offered students a space for creative and artistic expression.


RAZ:UM included several other projects, distinguished for their interdisciplinary design, which included numerous students and teaching staff from the University of Maribor, as well as the  participation of other selected universities.