• Fotopub (foto Boštjan Pucelj)
  • Yuck, Industry
  • Hidden garden - Situla (foto Jure Svent)
  • Rock Otočec (foto Gregor Secen)
  • Town of Goga (foto Boštjan Pucelj)
  • Jazzinty Festival (foto Jaka Ceglar)

Novo mesto

The literal translation of the name “Novo mesto” is “the new town”, and the town certainly stays true to its name: progress and youthful intensity reign supreme at the very core of Novo mesto. Little wonder then that the town is culturally very close to the avant-garde. Regarded as the lively heart of Lower Carniola, the town is renowned for its festivals and theatre.

Novo mesto contributed many music festivals to the project, such as Rock Otočec and Jazzinty, along with the excellent local theatre productions of the Anton Podbevšek Teater.