Successors in Partner Towns

Cultural programmes and projects of ECoC 2012 in the partner towns of Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Ptuj, Slovenj Gradec and Velenje have been planned and executed in a most meticulous and diligent manner, so that many of them could be continued and developed even in the upcoming years.

Many producers living and creating in partner towns have successfully continued their cultural programmes and projects, which have been part of the common European Capital of Culture programme the year before, even in 2013. For reasons unknown, some of them have decided to sever the ties with the past and move on to enriching their local environment with other cultural contents. Despite the shift in direction, however, the broad and rich programmes and contents which succeeded the ECoC 2012 project left a lasting impression on all our partner towns. We sincerely hope that the many cultural imprints will serve as encouragement and a reminder that our work in 2012 is worth continuing and developing in the future.

Borut Pelko, Partner Town Programme Coordinator

Municipality of Ptuj / Mestna občina Ptuj

Department of Non-commercial Public Services
Mestni trg 1
2250 Ptuj

Zdenka Ristič, Department Head
T: 02 748 29 51

Municipality of Slovenj Gradec / Mestna občina Slovenj Gradec
Department of Non-commercial Entities
Šolska ulica 5
2380 Slovenj Gradec

Natalija Knez, Senior Advisor for Public Matters
T: 02 881 21 25

Municipality of Murska Sobota / Mestna občina Murska Sobota
Department of Commercial and Non-commercial Activities
Kardoševa 2
9000 Murska Sobota

Darja Potočnik, Senior Advisor for Cultural Matters
T: 02 525 16 62

Municipality of Novo mesto / Mestna občina Novo mesto
Office of Culture, Healthcare and Social Services
Seidlova cesta 1
8000 Novo mesto

Sandra Boršič, Vice-secretary for Cultural Policy and Protocol
T: 07 393 92 53

Velenje Festival / Festival Velenje
Titov trg 4
3320 Velenje

Peter Groznik, Head of ECoC Programme
T: 03 896 15 27