• The Modern Dance Front@ - Flota Institute
  • Selection of exhibits from the permanent exhibition of the Ingolstadt Museum of Concrete Art  (foto Bettina Brach)
  • Days of Sobota (from the photo archive of the Municipality of Murska Sobota)
  • Days of Sobota 2012 (from the photo archive of the Municipality of Murska Sobota)
  • Invisible Circus (foto Mediaspeed)
  • Ballads and Romances of Murska (from the photo archive of the Municipality of Murska Sobota)

Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota is a multicultural town in the cross-border region, only a few minutes drive away from Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Looking back on a long tradition of coexistence between Slavs, Germans and Hungarians, today the town’s cultural platform is based on tolerance between different religions and ethnic groups.

The city at a crossroads exhibited its unbridled creativity and energy in the contents of the Capital of Culture project, which successfully created a cultural harmony between the city and its inhabitants, especially in the coexistence with the local Roma minority.

“I was born in Murska Sobota. That makes me a true Prekmurian, by birth and by heart. The plains of Prekmurje stay in my memory since early childhood, even though I have lived in Ljubljana for 70 years. I spent every summer break at my grandmother’s in Moravci or at my aunt’s in Križevci in Goričko. Those were the best months of my youth. Prekmurje has produced quite a few culture experts, writers, poets, painters and graphic artists, among which I count myself as well, and contributed immensely to Slovene culture. I hope my life’s work has contributed to the culture of my original home, for which I always have had and always will have certain nostalgia.” (Miki Muster, comic-book author and illustrator)